Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it necessary to know if your medication causes weight gain?

A patient who is aware that his/her medication can cause weight gain can take other precautions like regular exercise and diet control. A physician can avoid these drugs in people who are already obese and opt for alternatives.

2. How can I be sure that my weight gain is due to a medication?

Your doctor or pharmacist will review the medications you take and check if any of them is capable of causing weight gain. Substituting the medication with one that does not cause weight gain should solve the problem.

3. Should I stop a medication if I suspect it causes weight gain?

Many of the medications listed above are given for long-term treatments and cannot be stopped suddenly. If you have a doubt, contact your doctor. He will evaluate if the medication is actually the cause of your weight gain and switch you over to an alternative to take care of your health condition.

4. Can the side effect of weight gain be an advantage?

In some cases, yes! For example, if a depressed person is very much underweight, an antidepressant that helps him put on weight may be opted for.

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