Drawbacks of The South Beach Diet

The south beach diet is widely accepted and people are getting results but some people are against this diet.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is not in the favor of the south beach diet. According to him-

  • The fish that has been advocated can be the cause of mercury poisoning.
  • Use of aspartame can be a potential cause of cancer, diabetes and various emotional disorders.
  • Foods like French fries and potato chips, which have been advised as a snack in the diet, are the source of trans fats in the body that are dangerous.
  • The most important loophole pointed out by Dr. Mercola is the obvious lack of exercise. According to him exercise coupled with diet control can be effective in weight loss.
Drawbacks of South Beach Diet

Other drawbacks of south beach diet include-

  • Much of the initial phase 1 weight-loss is likely to be water weight-loss caused by carbohydrate restriction. Phase 1 can throw the body's electrolyte balance off. There is a likelihood of this weight loss to be regained, as soon as carbohydrate intake resumes.
  • It does not fully cater for people who do not eat dairy products, as many snacks items included in the diet are dairy-based.

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