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Congenital disorders: Disorders or conditions that occur at birth.

Mosaicism: Presence of two types of cells in a person with two genotypic constitution.

Hemopoiesis: Formation of blood and its components.

Phenotype: Morphology of an organism.

Palpebral fissures: Opening between eyelids.

Epicanthal folds: Skin fold of the upper eyelid.

Dermatoglyphics: Study of the ridge formation on palms.

Duodenal atresia: Improper development of duodenum of the intestine.

Hirschsprung disease: Disease characterized by enlarged colon caused by obstruction of the bowel.


johncenawwe Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yes, If we diagnosis the down syndrome at early stage we can improve the Longevity and Metformin also a good medicine in this same category who treats Type II diabetes and effective in weight loss treatment also.

sanjitta Tuesday, August 23, 2011

mr Ram, i am a new member,i found your words nothing is impossible in this fast developing world, gives me more confidence

Rammohan.R Friday, June 10, 2011

Physio therapy,speech therapy, occupational and behavioural therapies are needed to speed up the mile stones in the growth of DS children. Homoeo treatment also helps in improving their brain related functioning.DS children will be very affectionate and very cute. Treatment/therapies should be started as early as possible to get better results. Hope, a day will come, when Down Syndrome in children and adults will be permanently cured. Nothing is impossible in this fast developing world because of the technological innovations made possbile by computers etc.

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