Weight Loss Dietary Guidelines

Target a healthy weight loss. Do not attempt to lose too much weight too fast. Rapid reduction in weight is undesirable. A loss of more than 2 to 3 kg per month is not warranted. The following guidelines will help you get a comprehensive idea on diet based weight loss.

  • Balance the food you eat with enough physical activity.
  • Eat only when hungry.
  • Take small frequent meals.
  • Make breakfast the largest and dinner the lightest meal of the day
  • Don’t starve yourself and overeat subsequently. Be a nibbler, not a gourmet.
  • Dine at least two hours before you go to bed.
  • Stop eating when you are approximately three-fourth full as the satiety sensation comes few minutes after the meal.
  • Start your meals with soups and salads.
  • Do not eat impulsively.
  • Keep sipping water all the time and do not wait to become thirsty.
  • Choose whole grains, legumes, sprouts, beans over processed foods like breads, biscuits, jams, jellies.Whole grains and sprouts are laden with fiber which keeps the digestive system healthy and prevents digestive problems.
  • Choose lean chicken, fish, and egg whites over meat and meat products.
  • Long term deprivation, such as crash diets doesn’t work. Allow yourself the occasional guilt-free treat.
  • Regular medical and body composition analysis is a must. This is of utmost importance to help set or modify the dietary goals.
  • Take plenty of sugar free fluids and fiber rich foods. Ensure intake of adequate proteins.
  • Make sure you consume only skim milk and milk products.
  • Opt for whole grain foods and avoid processed refined flour based foods.
  • Try to keep the total fat (oil, butter, cream) consumption to not more than 500g per person per month. (20-25 g /day which is equal to 3 teaspoons/ day/ person).
  • Limit the total sugar consumption (not more than 20 g/day/person).
  • Mix soya flour with wheat flour to get good quality protein and fiber.
  • Oil should be your preferred cooking medium.
  • When eating out avoid the greasy gravies and curries.
  • Watch the portion size. Be conscious about the quantity of food you are eating each time.
  • If you are a nibbler keep low calorie snacks, dried fruits or fruits handy.
  • Drinks like fresh lime water, fresh vegetables juices, coconut water, buttermilk, ice tea make good beverages to keep you full periodically.

Weight loss is not about ‘going on a diet’. It’s about eating right and intelligently – always. It’s about investing a good whole hour in extensive exercising. If understood and done correctly one would never be able to get off it. It eventually would become a habit and you would start loving the way you are. And the rest would just fall in place.


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shree6274 Sunday, May 11, 2014

after walking we can sleep or not...? why..?

jannat06 Friday, August 23, 2013

hello i need to reduce my weight as in a 2 months i am getting merry. my height is 5'3" and my weight is 50 kgs. my husband is very slim and that's why i am worried about. please help me out.

Advancells Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello Jannat06, you needn't worry much about your weight even though 50Kgs is slightly on the higher side. Go for regular jogging in the morning and go to the gym in the evening. Drink loads of water and lemon juice. In quick time you will be able to see the changes in you. Happy married life in advance!!!

EthanGee Saturday, July 13, 2013

Losing weight has to be gradual that's why I don't believe in the promises of quick fix. Right now, I may have not been losing weight through exercise and diet as I'm just recuperating from a previous injury, but I do plan to go back as soon as I get back on my optimum state of well-being. however, I am currently using a weight loss aid to temporarily help me lose weight as I've put too much weight after I got hospitalized. Don't get me wrong, I did asked my doctor about it. Prescopodene has been a helping tool for me to not gain weight while on recovery. What I like about it is that my body seems to react well with it. Not all pills are bad, just try to be knowledgeable about what you'll take. Thanks

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