Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I approach for Diamond Blackfan Anemia?

You can visit a Hematologist to treat Diamond Blackfan Anemia.

2. What are the side effects of corticosteroid treatment?

High dosage of these drugs for long duration can cause weight gain, water and salt retention, high blood pressure, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, wounds that won’t heal, headaches, growth problems, eye complications, and the disruption of hormones that regulate normal body functions, including diabetes. Patients on these drugs should be carefully observed.

3. In what activities can a Diamond Blackfan Anemia patient engage?

Depending on the patient’s medical condition and the doctor’s advice, most patients are encouraged to have daily physical exercise. Normal physical activity is generally permitted.

4. Is Remission a Possibility?

Remissions have occurred in approximately 17% of patients following steroid and/or transfusion therapies. Patients who are in remission are able to maintain acceptable hemoglobins without steroids and/or transfusions.

5. How many different genes have been linked to Diamond Blackfan Anemia?

Scientists have linked mutations in different genes to Diamond Blackfan Anemia. These genes carry proteins called ribosomal proteins. However, researchers are working to identify more genes with mutations linked to DBA to explain causes of the disorder.


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what lifestyle suggestions you may suggest for those kids?

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