Diagnosis of Diabetic Kidney Disease

Diabetic nephropathy can be slowed down to a large extent, if checked early. Therefore, early screening for the presence of the protein albumin in urine (micro albuminuria) is quintessential for all diabetic patients.

An aggressive intervention has been known to n slow down the progress of diabetic nephropathy. It is of concern that patients often seek medical attention only after the disease has progressed to the mid- or late- stage.

Those who have reached stage 3 of the disease when a 24-hour period evaluation shows that the urine contains more than 300 mg of albumin in it must be referred to a nephrologist (kidney specialist) who may carry out further tests and start the right treatment This specialist generally helps the patient in the long term disease management.

Those who are in the early stages of diabetes must carry out urine test regularly to look out for the presence of albumin.

Finding kidney damage early can keep it from getting worse. So its important for people with diabetes to have regular tests.


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Jean_George123 Thursday, April 27, 2017

Patients who has diabetes or has a family history should always have regular check-ups to rule out any kind of renal disease. And also check this davita dot in/blog/diabetes-definition-causes-and-symptoms to know about the diabetes and kidney disease.

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