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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Reeja Tharu, M.Phil.,Ph.DDr. Shroff, Dr. Sumana on Mar 15, 2016

Rules for Safe Exercises

  • Avoid exercising when blood glucose is more than 250mg/dl and ketones are positive in urine
  • Carry food or glucose tablets when undertaking exercise in case there are episodes of hypoglycemia
  • Do not skip meals especially prior to exercise
  • Take a quick-acting carbohydrate (sweetened tea or milk, regular soft drink) when blood glucose is less than100mg/dl or if one experiences symptoms of hypoglycemia - headaches, increased sweating, feeling of hunger, trembling or shakiness, rapid heart rate or palpitations, drowsiness and mental confusion

  • Avoid exercise when blood glucose is more than 300mg/dl
  • Avoid exercise outdoors on very hot or humid days. One can get heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Wear a hat or sunscreen - if necessary in such conditions
  • In warm weather, dress in light-colored and loose-fitting cotton clothing
  • To prevent dehydration, drink a cup of cold water before and after you exercise
  • If exercising for longer than 30 minutes or if the workout leads to a lot of sweating drink water during the workout
  • Always carry a diabetes identification card, duly filled, while exercising
  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration
  • Avoid exercise at the peak action time of insulin
  • Avoid injecting insulin in the muscle that is to be used for exercise
  • Check with your health care team about the best time to exercise before commencing any physical activity
  • Always use correct type of shoes to avoid injury and check them regularly for wear and tear
  • After exercise, check the feet for any blisters or sores
  • Be aware of the warning signs of heart problems such as chest, left arm or jaw pain, dizziness, fainting and shortness of breath during exercise
  • Learn how to measure pulse rate so that a self-check can be done to look for any irregular pulse, especially if there is heart condition that has been diagnosed


Bose99 Monday, April 1, 2013

My fasting sugar is 253 and after 2 hours of lunch is 353 and this i came know ony on 28/03/2013 . You are requested to advice me , so that my blood sugar comes down , because i am suffering from cataract and has been suggested for operation,so pl advice,so that i can go for operation as soon as possible .

Rud1645 Thursday, August 9, 2012

My fasting sugar is 116 and after 2 hours of breakfast is 206 without taking any tablets.. when i was taking tablet Gluformin xl 500 mg. my sugar was under control.could you please suggest me what to now and what to eat ??

hasan007 Tuesday, July 17, 2012

i have diabetes my gluose level is on fasting 116 and after food it become 220 same time i am taking tablet is this good in that level thanks and best regards waiting for your answer

priyas123 Thursday, June 14, 2012

my glucose level on fasting is 125 and after food it becomes 205 . pls advise me the best mothod to reduce glucose level. iam taking medicine for PCOD and diatary suppliments. which are the food i have to avoid? and the remody to control it.

kumaralg Sunday, October 2, 2011

my blood sugar level is now 135 after meal it gets 180, please advise me how can i bring this level to below normal. once below normal brings after, can we keep the same level? I am going to getting marriage next month, if i get marriage, is there any problem for my wife and children's. please help me for this information.

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