Last Updated on Jun 19, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Doctor Should I Consult for Diabetes?

You should consult a diabetologist for your diabetes treatment. You can later follow up with your family practitioner on a regular basis for your treatment.

2. With so many medications available for diabetes, what is the role for diet and exercise?

A well-controlled diet and adequate exercise are the primary requirements for patients with type 2 diabetes. In patients with mild increases in blood glucose, these may be enough to bring about a control and the patient can avoid taking medications. Also, the maximum benefit of medications can be attained if the diet is under control.

3. Can diabetes medications cure me of my diabetes?

Diabetes medications only control your blood sugar level, they do not cure you of your condition. The medications have to be taken lifelong. If you stop them, your blood sugar will go up again.

4. Which other medications should a diabetes patient take?

Diabetes affects several systems like the nerves, eyes, blood vessels etc. Thus, if you suffer from any of the complications of diabetes, you will have to take additional medications for the same.

5. How is gestational diabetes treated?

Gestational diabetes is diabetes that appears during pregnancy. It usually subsides following delivery. Insulin therapy is approved to treat this type of diabetes. Newer studies are however exploring the use of drugs like metformin and glyburide for gestational diabetes.

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