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A Sample Diabetic Diet Plan

A sample diabetic diet should be as follows:

  • Divide the plate in ½, and the remaining half into two equal ¼th parts
  • Fill the first ½ with vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, spinach, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, celery, cabbage, mushrooms etc. Restrict the quantity of corn, peas, potatoes, yams and winter squash
  • Fill ¼ of the plate with protein rich food like meat, chicken, beef, fish, eggs, tofu, cottage cheese, lentils etc.
  • Have 1 serving of low fat, sugar-free yoghurt or milk
  • Have at least 1 serving of fruits like guava, apple, berries or any citrus fruits
  • Avoid fried foods. Instead bake, boil or sauté food in a nonstick pan
  • Eat less red meat and more fish. Avoid organ meat
  • Limit the use of condiments such as ketchup, mustard and salad dressing. They are high in salt and sugar
  • Opt for fresh foods over canned food
  • Read labels carefully. Soy sauce and MSG contain a lot of sodium
  • Avoid ready to eat and junk foods items available to you
  • Stop smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Avoid skipping meals and follow medicine times
  • Have cholesterol-lowering oatmeal for breakfast
  • Nuts rich in mono unsaturated fat, such as pecans, walnuts and almonds are a healthy snack
  • Opt for fat free milk, yogurt and cheese
  • Eggs whites should be included in the diet
  • Increase the fiber in the diet by adding wheat bran to your wheat flour (50% wheat flour + 50% wheat bran). Add flaxseed and fenugreek seeds in the wheat flour
  • Increase fiber intake in the form of fruits, vegetables, whole cereals etc.

Drink water, mineral water, buttermilk, soups, soy milk and other unsweetened healthy beverages instead of soda or fruit juices. Significance of The Sample Diabetic Diet Plan:

  • This low carb diabetic diet provides an even distribution of carbohydrates throughout the day which helps to maintain the blood sugar level within the normal range
  • This diet lays emphasis on more of fiber, antioxidants and good quality protein consumption which are an essential part of a nutritionally sound diet
  • This is a good diabetic diet and it would help one lose weight. The weight loss would increase insulin sensitivity and would aid in controlling diabetes
  • If you are diabetic be creative at a restaurant. Instead of a dinner entree, combine a salad with a low- calorie appetizer and soups.


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rohit_deepu Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sir, Our first baby [son] was normal. he is about 7 years old now, After that my wife got extreme thyroid about 90 points . She delievered a baby girl In May 2013 through major operation.The girl is also healthy, that time suger level and thyroid was within its limits, But she got itching problem and last week again we consult doctor and tests for thyroid and suger, Now she got Thyroid-65, Suger (fasting)220 Post(258), What would be reason that she got suger also. Please suggest some diet and excersice for her.

Rohit Sharma

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