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Myths And Facts About Diet For Diabetics

Last Updated on Dec 31, 2019
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Myths And Facts About Diet For Diabetics

MYTH: Avoid sugar at all costs.

Fact: If you have diabetes it does not mean that you should all together eliminate sugar from your diet. If planned properly one can enjoy his favorite treats. While eating a dessert, make sure that it is part of a healthy meal plan, or combine it with some form of exercise. The key is moderation.


If you are planning to eat sweets it is advisable to cut back on other carbohydrate rich foods like bread, rice, cereal, fruit juice, potatoes, corn etc. during the same meal. This will help in regulating the blood sugar level. But it is not advisable to do this often as it deprives the body of essential nutrients.

MYTH: A high-protein diet is good.

Fact: Studies have shown that eating too much animal protein may cause insulin resistance. A good diabetic diet should include; proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in the right proportions Our body needs all of them to function properly.

MYTH: Low carb diabetic diet is good so cut way down on carbs.

Fact: Carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels, but you do not have to avoid them totally. It is necessary to be smart about what type of carbohydrates to eat and how to balance them in the rest of your diet.


Consume complex carbs as they are a good source of fiber and are digested slowly, keeping blood sugar levels in control. These complex carbohydrates are found in starchy vegetables, legumes and whole grains such as whole grain brown rice, millet, oats etc.(3 Trusted Source
Diabetes Food Myths

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Tips for balancing carbohydrates:

  • Have brown rice instead of white rice or whole-grain brown bread instead of white bread
  • Have a well balanced meal with all the food groups. Veggies should comprise the largest part of the meal. Eating carbs along with protein or little fat helps reduce its impact on the blood sugar levels

Tips for People living with diabetes diet:

Regularize eating habits. Regular eating habits are a must for diabetics. Maintaining a regular meal schedule helps the body to regulate the blood sugar levels in a better way. The key to regulate the blood sugar level is moderate and consistent portion sizes for each meal.


Donít skip the breakfast. Start off the day with a good breakfast. Eating breakfast keeps you energetic and maintains steady blood sugar levels.

Eat small meals at regular intervals. People tend to eat larger portions when hungry, therefore eating at regular intervals helps keep the portions in check.

Healthy Eating Tips for People Living with Diabetes

Keep the daily calorie intake same. Regulating the amount of calories helps regulate the blood sugar levels. Roughly try to consume the same amount of calories daily, rather than overeating one day or at one particular meal, and then skipping the next.(4 Trusted Source
10 Tips for Healthy Eating with Diabetes

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Sir, Our first baby [son] was normal. he is about 7 years old now, After that my wife got extreme thyroid about 90 points . She delievered a baby girl In May 2013 through major operation.The girl is also healthy, that time suger level and thyroid was within its limits, But she got itching problem and last week again we consult doctor and tests for thyroid and suger, Now she got Thyroid-65, Suger (fasting)220 Post(258), What would be reason that she got suger also. Please suggest some diet and excersice for her.

Rohit Sharma

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