Last Updated on May 30, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Doctor Should I Consult for Dermoid Cyst?

You can consult a dermatologist, in case of a ovarian dermoid cyst you can consult a gynecologist, for dermoid cysts in children you can consult a pediatrician.

2. At what age does dermoid cysts occur?

It can occur at any age, with about 40% present at birth and most appearing by the age of 5 years. The prime detecting age of an ovarian dermoid cyst is during childbearing years. The average age is 30 years.

3. What is the size of dermoid cysts in ovaries?

The size of cysts varies from about a centimeter to up to 45 cm (i.e. less than half an inch to about 17 inches). Ovarian teratomas are found up to 15% women in both ovaries and their size can cause ovaries to twist and hamper the blood supply. Larger the cyst, greater the risk of rupture and spillage of contents, thereby causing problems with adhesions and pain.

4. Is there any complications due to dermoid cysts?

Depending on the location of cysts, problems may arise. Child's eyesight may be affected if the dermoid cyst is close to the eye. However, this is unusual.

In case of ovarian dermoid cysts, if developed after menopause, mass tissue become cancerous. Hence regular pelvic examination is necessary.

5. What are the types of dermoid cysts?

Depending on the location in the body, it is categorized and named as ovarian cyst (in the ovaries), periorbital dermoid cysts (in young children, right part of right eyebrow or left part of left eyebrow), Spinal dermoid cysts (occurs during neural tube closure), brain cysts, nasal sinus cyst (very rare).

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