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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Nithin Jayan, MBBS, DNB on Nov 30, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of doctor should one consult for dengue fever?

Consult a physician or an infectious disease doctor.

2. Is dengue contagious from person to person?

No, dengue is not contagious and cannot be spread merely by person to person contact. The dengue virus is carried and transmitted by mosquitoes. If a mosquito bites someone with dengue, and then bites another person, the second person can get infected. This is usually how dengue spreads and can sometimes become an epidemic.

3. Can I be infected with dengue a second or more times?

Yes. Dengue is caused by four different viral strains and infection with one virus does not protect a person against infection from the other three strains. Hence one can be infected by dengue four times. Subsequent infections increase the risk for the most serious forms of dengue, such as dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome.

4. What kinds of mosquito repellents are safe?

It is safe to use a repellent that has DEET (diethyltoluamide or diethylmethylbenzamide) or picaridin. One should however be careful when using it on children and infants. Please read the safety label of the manufacturer before usage.

5. Where do most outbreaks of dengue occur?

Outbreaks of dengue occur primarily in areas where Aedes aegypti mosquitoes breed and thrive, i.e., mostly in tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. These include India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, parts of South and Central Africa, Caribbean, Mexico, and parts of South and Central America. Dengue viruses may be introduced into other areas by travelers who become infected while visiting the tropics where dengue commonly exists.

6. Can one treat dengue with antibiotics?

No, since dengue is caused by a virus, antibiotics are not effective against it and should not be used.

7. Is dengue a deadly disease? Can one die from dengue fever?

Although dengue fever is a serious and often painful condition, it is not a deadly disease and does not lead to death. With proper care, most people infected with dengue usually make a full recovery unless complications occur. These complications may include Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) and Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS). In some of these cases death can occur but is rare. With proper care and treatment, even patients with DHF or DSS can make a full recovery. Hospitalization is highly recommended in cases of DHF or DSS and greatly increases the chances of survival.

8. What can be done to reduce the risk of acquiring dengue?

Reducing stagnant water bodies that are the main breeding centers for the female Aedes mosquitoes to lay their eggs reduces the risk of acquiring dengue.

9. How can we prevent epidemics of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)?

Development of an effective vaccine against the dengue virus is the most promising solution. Others are eradication of the Aedes aegypti vector and spraying ultra-low volume (ULV) insecticides to kill adult mosquitoes. Both methods have not been viable.

10. Is dengue fatal?

Severe dengue or dengue hemorrhagic fever can be fatal.

11. If I have had dengue fever, can I get it again?

Yes, a single attack of dengue fever only protects the person against the particular virus serotype. The person can still be infected by the other 3 virus serotypes.

12. Can dengue fever spread through saliva?

No. It can only spread through the bite of certain female Aedes mosquito species.

13. What does the dengue fever antibody test mean?

In the antibody test, 2 classes of antibodies IgG and IgM (produced in response to the infection) are detected. A positive IgM plus negative IgG will indicate a recent primary dengue infection while a positive IgG with a positive or negative IgM will indicate an infection that has occured in the past.


kushalkumar Tuesday, September 15, 2015

During the month of September , 2015, news reports suggest that number of Dengue patients is on the increase abnormally in northern India, particularly Delhi, Punjab and Haryana. While some patients have died recently, news reports indicate that fear among people of the Dengue spreading more are increasing. In this regard, this Panchkula based Vedic astrology writer would like to let readers know that a precise hint was given in the prediction in article – “ Months of substantial concern for India in next year 2015.”- published in online magazine at thesop.org as early as last year on 23rd October 2014. The following highlights of the prediction which could be construed to mean Dengue fever as well are notable from the article : [1]. The affected places predicted were northern or Eastern India specifying Delhi, Punjab and Haryana.(2). The planetary impacts were predicted likely to operate during second half of 2015. (3). It was predicted that massive floods, landslides, earthquake or epidemics could perhaps visit. Again said : Mystery epidemics or health hazards may be upsetting. (4). Last but not least, it was added : “ In the end, astrology suggests certain trends which can be either mitigated or softened by timely appropriate human effort.”

SAM-PHARMA Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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vishal_noida Monday, September 30, 2013

Hi all, if u have a fever in this season get your blood test done for dengue, ASAP.If fever accompanied with pain between eyes, head ache, vomiting etc are symptoms of the disease. Far as i have known there is no medicine except the home concoctions that can save you the agony of Drip/ hospitals transfusions etc: 1] Juice extracted from 2 papaya leaves twice a day. 2) Goats milk [fresh and not boiled/ just filtered) approx 250 ml twice a day. 3) To take care of the fever you can have the Crocin/ Tylenol that the doc prescribes. These concoctions are life savers, when medicine seems to have no answer.

shaan27 Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hi my friend suffering from sickness she feel pain in body, and also feeling cold. Can u tell me this symptoms are dengue or normal fever.

ghaley Wednesday, July 24, 2013

hello my wife is suffering from dengue and has been sick since last 6 days she is hospitalized right now what medication should be taken and what time is taken to cure it. plz reply

Advancells Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dengue is a very dangerous disease; however one can get cured through proper treatments. I had suffered from Dengue a couple of years back. It took me about two weeks to recover completely.

timothyglen Wednesday, September 11, 2013

hi iv suffered from dengue 2 weeks ago. there no medicine given to me. only antacid for the stiomach taken every morning. My doctor advised me to drink more water. It may be no medical exsplanation but eating 10pcs each day of quail eggs help me improve my platelet. taua taua leaves also is a big factor for me to be able to recover.

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