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Although dementia may not be curable in most cases, it is possible to lower the risk of dementia developing in the first place. Living a healthy active lifestyle that addresses all aspects of your health and wellbeing makes a huge difference, as several studies have shown. To this end, here are some tips to help prevent dementia:

  • Stay physically active and engage in physical activities like walking, swimming, gardening, or in charity events and social causes. If you can join a fitness center as well, there would be nothing like it.
  • Stay socially active by making the time to relax and celebrate with friends and family. Always be communicative and try to broaden your circle if necessary by getting involved in activities and groups in your area.
  • Stay mentally active by engaging in activities that are mentally stimulating, such as puzzle solving, logic tests, word games, mathematical puzzles and so on.
  • Eat healthy and make it a point to follow a balanced diet. This is one of the most neglected aspects of prevention but following a diet with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seafood can ensure you get all your essential nutrients, helping boost overall health.
  • Sleep well so that your brain can function better once you are awake.
  • Keep learning because apparently the more you keep pushing your brain, the more resilient it will be to nerve cell damage. Studies have found that there is a much slower decline in mental and cognitive abilities among patients with brain abnormalities if they have spent a greater amount of time in formal education.
  • Go for regular health checks and closely monitor your cholesterol and blood pressure readings as several heart conditions like atherosclerosis may increase the risk of dementia.
  • Smoking increases the risk of almost every kind of health condition and dementia is no exception. Smoking increases the risk of several vascular conditions with age and this also raises the risk of dementia.


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