Last Updated on Nov 30, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for a Decipher test For Prostate Cancer?

Decipher test is a transformative genomic test that evaluates the activity of genes in prostate cancer that has a high chance of progressing to advanced prostate cancer. The urologist who performs prostatectomy will recommend a Decipher test based on other test results like Gleason score and PSA levels. A sample of the tissue removed after surgery is sent to the Decipher test lab. The patient can then discuss prostate cancer treatment options with the physician.

2. Does insurance plan cover the cost of Decipher test?

Some insurance plans may cover Decipher test. Patients can also go for financial assistance if their insurance plans do not cover or if they do not have a medical insurance.

3. Will I have to undergo any procedure for taking out the tumor sample?

No. The tumor removed from the surgery goes for its routine examination and biopsy. A small tissue will be taken for Decipher test from the same tumor block.

4. What is the prognosis if my Decipher test result classifies my condition in high risk category?

Clinical studies have proved that men categorized under high risk along with adverse pathology generally have a poor overall prognosis. However with decipher test some lead time will help in better treatment planning and these men will be recommended adjuvant or early salvage radiotherapy. Chemotherapy for prostate cancer is also recommended. Overall this would help improve the prognosis of the high risk cancer.

5. If my results show low risk, can I be assured that I will not have any danger of metastasis?

Men categorized under low risk can have a good overall prognosis and prostate cancer survival rates are good. However, they may have to observed for rise in levels of prostate-specific antigen in blood. If there is a rise, they may be treated with radiotherapy without concurrent hormone therapy.

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