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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Shivani Nayar, B.Sc (Physiotherapy), PG in Hospital Management on Jun 28, 2018

Do's & Dont's to Prevent Pollen Allergy

What are the doís and doníts to follow if you suffer from pollen allergy? If you take these preventive measures, you will lessen the chances of an attack or at least the intensity of the allergy maybe more subdued.


  • Close windows at night to prevent pollens drifting inside your home.
  • Remain indoors, if possible, on sunny and windy days when the pollen count is highest.
  • Wear pollen and dust mask if you have to work outdoors or in your garden.
  • Minimize early morning (5 AM to 10 AM) activity when pollen is usually released by the plants.
  • Wash and dry your hair before going to bed so that you donít get pollen on your pillow.
  • Keep car windows closed when traveling.
  • Park your car inside your garage so that pollen layer does not accumulate on your car in the night or early morning.
  • Take medications prescribed by your doctor without fail.
  • Wear glasses outdoors to protect your eyes.
  • Have fallen leaves and garden debris removed.

Doníts to Follow

  • During the season take your allergy medication regularly. If you are asthmatic donít forget to keep your inhaler in your pocket when going outdoors.
  • Donít mow lawns or walk on freshly cut grass during pollen season.
  • Donít hang clothing and linen outside to dry. Pollen may collect on them.
  • Donít get involved in work involving sweeping, raking, and hosing. Avoid molds by staying away from compost piles and barns.
  • Donít handle pets that have been outdoors for a longtime as they may be covered with pollen.†
  • Donít dust your mattresses.
  • Don't grow too many indoor plants if you suffer from allergy to mold.


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