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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a person in coma move?

People who are in coma cannot obey commands. They may move, however, in response to touch or pain, or even on their own.

2. Does a person experience pain while in coma?

Being in coma may be compared to being under anesthesia. People in coma may well react to pain by moving, or even groaning, but most often have no memory of pain.

3. Does a person in coma hear?

People in coma sometimes show signs that they are able to hear and understand. Often, these signs are just simple reflexes - like squeezing a hand, or sucking, in response to a touch. Occasionally, people in coma seem to become calm when they hear a familiar voice. Since they almost never remember these events, it is impossible to decide if they actually recognized a voice or understood what was said. However, as a rule, it is good to talk to people in coma as though they could hear and understand what was being said.

4. What is the vegetative state?

People who wake up and sleep but have no meaningful interaction with the world around them are said to be in persistent vegetative state. The prognosis for regaining full mental faculties once the vegetative state has supervened is almost negligible.

5. Can I do something to prevent coma?

Many of the head injuries that cause comas can be prevented through safety practices, such as wearing seatbelts in cars and helmets on bicycles and motorcycles. Routine doctor visits will lessen the chances of coma in patients with diabetes, seizure disorders or other conditions that may lead to coma.


Chandra_28 Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hi my elder brother[28 years] is in Comma from last 2 years due to head injury by Road Accident. He is opening eyes and nothing else. His operation was held in New Delhi AIIMS india shunt placed in this brain by the Doctors.

Can You pls suggest me any way to get back my bro in our life as earlier. Pls suggest me any treatment that will be effected in this condition ?? and pls Pray for My brother pls pls pls.

SURYA3030 Friday, December 13, 2013

my wife is in coma for 6 days but after coming out of coma she forgot most of the things but after one week she recognised my family friends but she is not looking like a normal person how long will it take to come to normal life

Arpi12 Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hi I am 12th studying student ,, and have a question - According to my Book for acquiring the features of a living being one must possess consciousness and should have the capacity to grow and reproduce . So can a person in Coma be called a living being who dont have consciousness . Some1 please answer......

Q.Stare Monday, September 16, 2013

Please Dear All! Guide me, Who is best Doctor of Comatose in Pakistan???? which hospital have best treatment facility of Coma?????

Karly23 Thursday, August 22, 2013

My mom passed away last year from multiple things but she had an anurisum on her heart and had to undergo open heart surgery. She lived for 10 days and wasn't getting any better. I know when she was in a state of coma she could hear me. I really miss her. I lost my bf...last year aug 26 2012

Advancells Monday, August 26, 2013

Hi Karly23, it's really sad that you had to lose you loved ones. I can understand your state of mind. Wish you all the luck in future. God Bless!

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