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Assessment of Fracture

The history of fall and the look of the forearm and the wrist tells the story to an experienced orthopedic surgeon. However, a full assessment is required before advising immobilization. The first thing to test is the sensation in all the fingers of the fractured hand. Sometimes the nerves could be involved in the fracture and the sensation diminished. In such a situation an open surgery maybe necessary to release the nerve.

Next, the pulse at the wrist is checked. The movement of the fingers is also tested.

A wrist and lower forearm x-ray, in two positions, shows the extent of the injury and provides the following information to the doctor –

  • the direction of displacement of the fractured end of the bone,
  • degree of shortening and compression.
  • Also shows if the joint end of the bone is involved in the fracture. All this information helps the doctor to plan the right treatment.


gauravsax Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I have the titanium rod placed on my right hand shaft bone.It has been placed for more than 4 years.I am very eager to know weather this thing should be removed immidiately or it should not be removed[no side effects].I have done all the xrays and all were good.Its seems that broken bone is already got fixed and supporting rods are useless.My age is 23 currently. People are advising that there is no need to remove it, perhaps it would invite operation cost etc. I don’t have any complications at work.But still i fell, there is lack of confidence from my side during gym and other excercises. What would you suggest to me. If removing the rod is an only option left and its too urgent then i am ready to undergo for a surgery. Please also let me know,if some wrong could happen if i don’t get it removed, as i am not too old. Please suggest me Thanks for your time

sifat.ot Saturday, September 10, 2011

Need to explain therapeutic treatment.

shyama10 Sunday, October 3, 2010

the data is insufficient.the surgical procedures and details of deformity are lacking

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