Last Updated on Oct 27, 2020

Coffee Bean Roasting Process

The Taste of coffee will depend on the region from where it is procured and also the roasting process that is followed by the brewer. In its raw state the coffee beans are green in color and has no aroma. The roasting process depends on the time that is spent on roasting the coffee beans can be – Dark Roast, Medium Roast or Light Roast. This process gives the coffee the aroma.

Dark Roasts (14 minutes) - The coffee seeds are almost jet black giving it a smoky well roasted taste that hides the natural flavor of coffee.

Medium Dark Roasts - This varies from 9 to 13 minutes of roasting of the seeds. In this roast the natural oil of the coffee comes to the surface.

Medium - (12 to 13 minutes) examples include

  • French Roast – this roast beans are often used to make espresso.
  • Continental Roast - is slightly lighter than French Roast but has spicy body.
  • Viennese Roast - roasted a little longer and has a rich chocolaty body.

Medium Roasts (9 to 11 minutes) – some examples include –

  • Breakfast Roast - a bit sweeter than a light roast.
  • American Roast – has good aroma and not as dark as European roasts.

Light Roasts (7 minutes) - If you want a light flavored coffee the light roast can provide you with this pleasure. Some examples of light roasts include –

  • Cinnamon Roast - No oil leaks out on the seed and the flavor is light -bodied.
  • New England Roast.

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