Last Updated on Jul 08, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for a cochlear implant?

An ENT specialist and an audiologist are involved together to determine the eligibility of the cochlear implant surgery. An ENT specialist will perform the surgery and the fine-tuning or mapping of the device and further auditory and speech training is given by the audiologist and the speech and language therapist.

2. Do I have the freedom of choosing the brand of cochlear implant device?

The brand of the cochlear implant has to be selected after a thorough discussion with the cochlear implant team – the ENT specialist and the audiologist. This is because the features of the device must match the user’s hearing requirements. The cochlear implant team helps you to make informed decisions about the device options and further care and rehabilitation.

3. Can I wear my cochlear implant device during shower or swimming?

Water resistant cochlear implant devices are now available in the market. While choosing the model of the cochlear implant, discuss the possibilities of water-proof devices with your physician and therapist.

4. Will my insurance plan cover cochlear implant cost?

Many insurance plans cover the cost of cochlear implants as it has been proven that they improve the quality of life.

5. Which is more economical for a child born with hearing impairment – hearing aid rehabilitation or cochlear implant and its training?

A group of scientists, supported by National Institutes of Health, have made a comparison of costs of both the issues. They have reported that the cost of cochlear implant (surgery, mapping and training included) is about $60,000, while the hearing aids, therapy, services, special education, adaptation and integration of a hearing impaired child is more than $1million before the age of three years.

6. Can cochlear implants cure deafness?

A cochlear implant does not cure hearing impairment or deafness, but is a prosthetic substitute which stimulates the cochlea (auditory portion of the inner ear).

7. How long is the recovery period?

Children bounce back from cochlear implant surgery quickly. Usually they return to work after one week, but exercise and other forms of physical activity should be limited for 3 weeks.

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