Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Doctor should I Consult for Claustrophobia?

A psychologist or psychiatrist can be consulted for Claustrophobia.

2. How can I Overcome Panic Attacks?

Relaxation is the best technique to overcome panic attacks. It releases muscular tension and reduces the strength of a panic attack. Reading books and yoga can help in relaxation.

3. How do You Differ Normal Fear and Phobia?

Children may feel afraid to enter a dark room or be alone in someplace. This does not mean that they have a phobia. Childhood fears are natural but if they tend to avoid those situations even after growing up, then you must consider it as a phobia.

4. Which is Better: Self-Help or Therapy for Claustrophobia?

Self-Help will suit phobias wherein controlling yourself may make you feel comfortable in a particular situation, but claustrophobia causes pain attack, which is more serious. Therefore, therapy is best for claustrophobia as it will have a great track record and involves about four to six sessions.

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