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Chronic Myeloid Leukemia / Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia

Last Updated on Dec 09, 2016
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Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Nomenclature: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia, Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, CML, Chronic Granulocytic Leukemia


Chronic Myeloid Leukemia is one of the most common types of blood cancer. It is characterized by excess of WBC stem cells in the bone marrow.

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the White Blood Cells of the blood and the bone marrow.

Chronic myeloid Leukemia or as popularly known in its abbreviated form - CML, is one of the most common types of leukemia.There are two forms of myeloid leukemia - chronic and acute. The term "Chronic" refers to the CML being a slowly- evolving cancer that may take years to progress unlike the "acute" variety which progresses in a quick manner. "Myeloid" refers to the type of WBC that is produced in an uncontrolled manner.

CML is one of the four types of myeloproliferative diseases, that are associated with the overproduction of blood cells within the bone marrow. The other three myeloproliferative diseases are Agnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia (AMM), Polycythemia Rubra Vera (PRV), and Primary Thrombocythemia (PT)

Normally the bone marrow produces immature stem cells that grow and differentiate into the three blood cells type - the Red Blood Cells (RBC), the White Blood Cells (WBC) and Platelets.These blood cells vary in their morphology and function.


The RBCs carry oxygen and other nutrients to the different body tissues; the WBCs fight off infections and diseases while the platelets are responsible for blood coagulation.


In leukemia, a single WBC stem cell becomes abnormal and undergoes uncontrolled proliferation to manifest as a disease. These leukemic cells can be found in the blood and they course through the body, causing enlargement of the spleen, liver and other organs. There are different types of leukemia depending on the type of WBC they arise from and on the stages that these cells pass through as they mature.

CML is characterized by high levels of abnormal myelocytes (granulocytes) that will never fully mature. These immature white blood cells are labeled myeloid blasts, or myeloblasts. The overproduction of myeloid blasts along with the production of abnormal red blood cells and platelets leaves little room for the production of normal cells.

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I was diagnosed with CML over 23 years ago and even now doctors are gutless and spineless. This comment above "it is near-impossible for the doctor to give a correct estimate of the prognosis." The key word here is "estimate." Of course they can but they will not. I had a bone marrow transplant more than 6 years after diagnosis and during those 6 years no doctor would give me any clue about my prognosis. I was at M.D. Andersen Cancer Center in Houston and I saw many many doctors who would not say a word. And your comment regarding BMTs is a bit off. Back in 1995 the survival rate of BMTs was less than 10%. How do I know? I saw it with my own eyes. A BMT is nothing more and nothing less than the doctors killing you and then they try to revive you. They are not too successful at it. May it is better now, but I would think not because from what I saw the doctors do not care about your health post BMT. I have had some very serious problems but all they could say is, "you're alive." I believe the media and the public word is misleading CML patients. Although, I had a BMT the CML is still with me. I have read many places where they state, "BMT cures patients." If this is the case, why do I still have it? CML Prognosis - fact or fiction?


I have CML, my numbers aren't very good right now, if I could survive 23 years after diagnosis I would be so grateful, not clear about why you are complaining? Thanks


My friend had a kidney transplant a few years back and just as when she thought everything was ok, her husband was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia which devastated her, specially since she earns very little as a government employee and because her husband was told he couldn't return to his job as an OFW because the doctor of the company he works says he was unfit to work. Please, Im begging anybody here for help.. let us make a difference in their lives by giving them a chance to grow old together and raise their 2 year-old son, who was born after the transplant was done, into somebody they hoped he would grow to be. I can be contacted through my email address for other details about this lady who would like to move heaven and earth to give to her husband the best of health that he deserves We are looking for possible ways to acquire imatinib mesylate for a low price and for kindhearted individulas who can donate the drug. Thank you very much and may God continue to bless us all!


Hi,I'm not in a position that I can help financially. Based on research I did one can avail this drug through 'Glivec International Patient Assistance Program'. A substitute drug is in clinical trials 'dasatinib, nilotinib', same can be availed as a trial volunteer. Hope this works for you.


Can u advice if there is any program in india to receive imatinib drug or CML treatment in low cost ?


Glivec [ Imatinib ] is given free of cost under patient assistance program, if you meet certain criteria like low income etc. Various hospitals are registred under this program. This program is available at CMC, Velloore,in INDIA.


is there a diet that i can follow in order to support my fight against Myeloid leukemia?any food that is good or bad?thank you

mag burnsdouglas

how would i go about doing the great north run to raise money for leukemia research?could you put me in touch with the rite person please? thanks mag burns douglas

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