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Lifestyle Issues and Coping with Chemotherapy

There are several measures that may be adopted to make life easier during chemotherapy.

  • Maintain a positive attitude. Developing an understanding of the disease, the treatment modes and the side effects will go a long way in helping the individual cope with cancer and chemotherapy. Accepting the situation also benefits the patient.
  • Maintaining a diary is an intelligent way to comprehend the situation. It allows free expression of the individual's feeling and also helps to keep track of the events and their developments.
  • Complementary therapies, such as meditation, reduces stress and anxiety and helps to deal with cancer and also the side effects of the treatment. Acupuncture and aromatherapy may also help.
  • It is imperative that the patient rests whenever required. It is also important to spare some time to pursue hobbies that were once a passion.
  • Joining a support group will definitely be very comforting, useful and informative for a patient who is being treated for cancer.
  • Professional counseling may help some individuals cope with cancer and its treatment.
  • The patient must remember that family members are also very apprehensive about the patient's state. It will help to talk openly to them and also to seek their help whenever required.

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is it safe to have oral sex durning chemo treatments, my wife has treatment every three weeks

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