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Effects on Reproductive System

In some women, chemotherapy leads to an early menopause. The associated symptoms include dryness of the vagina, which often results in a decreased interest in sex.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can be carried out in women with cancer to prevent or reduce menopausal symptoms. Over- the- counter creams, like KY jelly, may go a long way to relieve vaginal dryness and this could renew sexual interest among these patients.

Cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy could cause irreversible changes in sperm count or in its quality. In testiular cancer patients, gonadal dysfunction is common. Although several patients retain their fertility, their risk for infertility is compounded by chemotherapy.

Many cancers strike young males who have not yet started or completed families. In young patients with testicular tumours, the sperms may be cryo preserved before treatment.


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