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Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative diseasein which there is abnormal wear on the cartilage and bones of the neck(cervical vertebrae).

It is a common causeof chronic neck pain. The fourth to seventh cervicalvertebrae are most commonly affected by these degenerative changes. Middle-aged people and women are more prone to cervicalspondylosis.

Cervical Spondylosis

Thebones in the neck begin to degenerate with aging. Disc degeneration (collapse,of the disc spaces and loss of disc space height) andbone spurs lead to cervical spondylosis. The disc space becomes narrow andgradually compresses the nerve. In advanced cases of cervical spondylosis,spinal cord is affected and may also lead to paralysis of the arm.

Neckpain and stiffness resulting in limitation of movement; and numbnessor weakness in arms, hands, and fingers can be commonly seen in patients with cervical spondylosis.

A thorough physicalexamination, neck X-ray, MRI of the neck and EMG aid in the diagnosis.

Neck immobilizationwith soft collars, pain management with NSAIDs or muscle relaxants, cervicaltraction and physiotherapy prove to be efficacious in treating cervicalspondylosis. However, surgery is advised in cases of severe pain and nerve rootcompression. Surgery for cervical spondylosis involves correction of thedegenerative pathologic entities that compress a nerve root or the spinal cord.

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csrehman Sunday, July 8, 2018

I have coped with pain from multilevel degenerative cervical spondylosis for 10 years and now it has become more constant and much more nagging. There are periods when pain isn't as sever but it is constantly present. This makes it difficult to concentrate and focus on anything else and do normal things in life. I am very depressed over this and do not know what to do. I sought counselling, but it is not helping because I can not detach my mind from the pain in the back. Has anybody else had same experience and how have overcome this.

srikanth544 Sunday, February 9, 2014

dear sir,,for the past 2 months i under go the treatment for cervical spondylosis. now i feel that i got paining in the legs for the past 10 days .. and doctor said that i have to go for a surgery but i under go heart surgery in the year july 2012...sir can u suggest me the best option

samvedna.pathak Wednesday, October 30, 2013

which type of diet must be given and must be restricted for cervical spondylitis ?

lovashyam1166 Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Lova Raju i am suffering with cervical spine as per MRI report small osteophytes noted over C5 and C6 vertebral bodies diffuse annular bulging and postero-central protresion of C5/C6 interverterbral disc causing compression on cord and bilateral neural foramina. diffuse annular bulging and right posterior para central protrusion of C3/C4 and C4/C5 intervetbral discs causing diffuse compression on cord. diffuse annular bulging of C6/C7 intervetbral discs causing compression on cord and neural foramen. Please suggest me a better solution.

jamal_khan Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is cervical spondylosis curable completly or what level we can recover. plz reply

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