Last Updated on Feb 09, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for a premature baby?

The baby will be taken care by a neonatologist.

2. What if I am discharged before my baby?

This is often the case and you should not worry or be anxious. In most preemie cases, the baby is kept for a couple of days until they can breathe and feed on their own. Go home, relax and take care of yourself to become healthy enough to care for a newborn when the baby comes home. Visit your baby every day and establish contact to bond better.

3. Why is my baby being given a blood transfusion?

Babies with severe jaundice or ineffective phototherapy treatment are usually given a unit of blood transfusion, also called as exchange transfusion to reduce the bilirubin levels and stabilize the liver function.

4. Why does my baby’s skin seem transparent?

Preemies are born with a thick and white coating, covering their whole body called as vernix. After the vernix is washed off, the skin is wrinkled and transparent to translucent. You may be able to see their veins and blood vessels. The baby’s skin will gradually become normal with time.

5. How do I breastfeed, if my baby is unable to suck?

You will be asked to express breast milk using a suction pump which will then be fed to the baby via a feeding tube.

6. Will my baby’s growth and development be normal?

With proper care and precaution in the early months, a preemie will grow up as normally as other full-term babies.

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