First-Aid and Treatment of Burns

  • Remove patient from source of burn.
  • Remove smoldering or contaminated clothes.

  • Apply cold running water over the burnt area.
  • Cover the victim with clean dry cloth or cling-film.
  • Elevate the patient.
Burns: First aid

Treatment of Burns

  • Cleaning
  • Dressing with non-adherent paraffin gauze
  • Medication in the form of cream

Full thickness wounds

Immediate excision and skin grafting give good results in the long run. Donor skin may be taken from, other unaffected areas, from a relative, from skin banks or from the skin of pigs which are normally compatible with human skin (xenograft).

General treatment

  • Relieve pain with intravenous pain relievers or local anaesthetic creams
  • Fluid replacement into the body to compensate the fluid loss
  • Therapy to combat infection that can occur in the burnt area
  • Anti microbial therapy
  • Nutritional support


ganzi Thursday, May 27, 2010

hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question but nonetheless, I hope people are generous enough to help. I was playing basketball and developed a water blister. I didn't pop/remove the outer-skin because A. I wanted to see what happens, and B. sheer laziness. However, after a day, the skin(the outer skin of the blister) turned black, and I feared they had died. So I removed them and put a band-aid over it. Did I take all the necessary precautions? If anyone has any sort of recommendations, please comment below.
BTW, I never saw blisters turning black before... it was quite alarming. Oh, and after I removed the top blackened skin, there was no bleeding or anything, just brownish residue I believe to be skin cells.

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