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Breasts - Structures and Types

Breasts - Structures and Types

Last Updated on Nov 02, 2019
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About Breast

"Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies." Bible quotes

Anatomically, breasts are two well structured and shaped mounds of fat that start to grow on the chest of girls when they hit puberty. The biological objective for women to have breasts is to eventually produce milk to wean her baby. Breast growth can be noticed in some girls as early as age 7 or 8, while in others, it does not start until their late teens or even early 20's.(1 Trusted Source
Normal Breast Development and Changes

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Scientifically, there is no way of knowing how big or small or how fast or slowly, they will develop or when a woman’s breasts start to grow.

It is however believed that the timing of these developments is associated with ones own biologic clock, which tells our body to start producing the required levels of female hormones called estrogen.(2 Trusted Source
Effect of Estrogen on Musculoskeletal Performance and Injury Risk

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) From the moment, the ovaries start to secrete these hormones, the connective tissues in the chest start to accumulate fat. This causes the first appearance of breasts on the chest wall of girls. The duct system in the breasts also begins to grow; these are what will eventually help to produce milk for the expecting mother.

Usually, the first signs of puberty in most girls are associated with the development of the breast. Along with this, one can often expect the onset of pubic hair and hair of the armpit.

The final size and shape of a girl’s breast vary greatly from being big breast, small breast or even perfect size breast. These pointers are all determined by the heredity of the girl.

Breasts from time immemorial have been the icon of women’s beauty. They give women their personality, make them often desirable and have always fascinated their male partner.

Over the years, people have referred to breasts by various terms; however it is the slang that is more popular. Some common slangs are: Tits, Titties, Norks, Jugs, Knockers, Bust, Boobs, Bosoms, Boobies, Baps, Hooters and Melons.

To fully understand the developments of the breasts, it is necessary to first look at the structure of the breasts.

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What classifications are these? "Perfect breast shape" doesn´t sound scientific. The official breast types [IBSS] don´t define any "perfect breast shape". If you mean the breast type most people see as the most attractive, it is the U.S. Type of Breasts, but that type is not identical with what you call "perfect breast type". The U.S. Type of breasts have typically upwards pointing nipples, while here you talk about "parallel to the ground"? Its better to keep to the official breast types to avoid confusion.


This article was clearly written by a misogynist. The 'perfect breast'!? My god! This article sounds like it is from the 50s!


how to get rid of Swooping Breasts. i am tired of it.


I remember I read this article probably two years ago which made me realize my breasts are "constricted or tubular", or according to Medindia, "severely deformed" and "surgery is suggested". Thank you for making the first description I ever read about breasts that resemble mine to be "severely deformed" and suggest surgery. Whoever wrote this article obviously has 0 concern for anyone's self esteem. CHANGE THE WORDING of your description so you don't make any more young girls feel any MORE ashamed than they already are about their "severely deformed breasts". There are a LOT more women with this problem than documented due to the shame and embarrassment involved. Your article makes it 20 times worse. Asshole.


hi my boobs is small but when i have sex my breast start to pain .what i must do? please help me

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