Fibrodenoma are benign lumps that have low malignant potential (3%), are generally discreet and very mobile.

Most young women between the age of 15 to 25 years who present with a breast lump have a Fibroadenoma.

This is the age when the hormonal activity in women is at its peak and these lumps are suspected to be nothing more than an aberration associated with the normal development of the breast.

The lump is discreet and very mobile, so much so that it is sometimes called the ‘mouse of the breast.’

About 10% of fibroadenomas are multiple and 10% can disappear spontaneously each year. They seldom grow beyond 2 to 4 cms in size.

Malignant potential of Fibroadenoma is about 3 %. Fibroadenomas are benign tumors composed of stromal and epithelial elements; some variants have a higher risk of cancer than others.

  • Sometimes the fibroadenoma in adolescents can grow rapidly and are called giant fibroadenomas or ‘Phylloides tumour’ and does have higher malignant potential.
  • If a fibroadenoma is associated with cystic changes or has calcifications or sclerosis they have a higher malignant potential.
  • Interestingly, woman who have had fibroadenoma excised are twice as likely to have carcinoma in comparison to the normal population and are candidates for breast cancer screening later in life.


tracycor Saturday, December 15, 2012

I have Fibroadadenosis...pain in my brests before a period some time two weeks before..both brests swell and hurt to touch. I had a course for facial boils i my thirtys and when on to Accutane i had NO syptoms for three months? i did report this to my GP at the time. How ever this drug is only short term usage and can be dangerous for pregnant ladies.

ss810 Tuesday, July 17, 2012

hi i am 25 year old unmarried. i had found lump in my right breast in january 2005 than a operation was done in oct. 2006. it was a fibroadenoma. after that i had diagnosed wih PCOD in right overy in june 2009. than in may 2011 i found a lump in my left breast near nipple and the same time found white nipple discharge i m on cabgolin .25 tab from last 7 munths. now the size of lump is about 2 cm. and some time i feel a sharpe pain in breast. my surgen again advised me for surgery but i dont understand is it right to go for a surgery right now or not please help me. and thanks

PAKumar Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hi My wife has been diagnosed with Hypoechoic lesion left inner quadrant size 13.7x12.7mm Reveals soft tissue lesion and rest of the all quadrants appear normal.The Impression by the Doctor is"Cyst chest left inner quadrants' advised for Excision biopsy. What will be the estimated cost for this? Pls guide me.

Dr.sajeevKumar Thursday, October 27, 2011

My daughter was diagnosed to have fibroadenosis following a small lump in breast. It was surgically removed and biopsy showed fibroadenoma. Could a better diagnostic method could have avoided surgery and was it unnecessary as even fibro adenoma can followed up as she is only 20 years old????

sangfroid Thursday, September 15, 2011

is the surgery of breast lump included in insurance policies[mediclaim]??

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