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Mammograms: Mammograms are special imaging examination of the breast using X-rays. The purpose of this test is to detect breast cancer early when lumps are less than 2 cm or smaller in size (most lumps are not felt by the hand when they are 1 cm or less in diameter).

Ultrasound: A type of imaging technique which uses high-frequency sound waves.

Aspirate: The material that is withdrawn with a negative pressure apparatus (syringe).

Breast cyst: A closed cavity or sac in the breast that is lined by epithelium often contains liquid or semi-solid material.

Benign: Stage in which it does not metastasis (spread) and treatment or removal is curative.

Cytology: The study of cells. Implies the use of light or electron microscopic methods for the study of morphology.


Farjami Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear sir

Movafagh teb jahan Co . is one of old companies work since 15 years
ago in Iran' s medical equipments and instruments and micro surgical
ophthalmic by Mr. farjami as Director Manager which worked with
Doctors and Hospitals and Calinical for long time.
We prodded to make more familiar with you r esteemed company in order
to introduce your high quality products among our consumers which
located in all our the Iran's states.
We need to know your certificated if you passed. Also consider do we
can have any samples or catalog of your products if we request from
you, please inform us about your conditions for guaranteeing your
products, for consider we need your high quality and services.
We are waiting to hearing from you.

Best Regards

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