Last Updated on Aug 16, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctors do bone marrow transplantation?

Bone marrow transplantation is performed by physicians including oncologists specialized in doing the transplantation.

2. Should I ask my doctor to preserve my baby’s umbilical cord once she is born?

Preserving the umbilical cord after the baby is born is definitely a good option.

However, the high cost for storage in private cord banks could definitely be a deterrent. The umbilical cord could also be stored in public banks; however, public banks do not assure the same stem cells will be provided to the person or family when required.

3. Where can I find donors for bone marrow transplantation?

Siblings or close relatives are preferred for bone marrow transplantation. If they are not available, donors may also be found in national and international bone marrow registries.

4. What complications could I have as a donor?

Marrow donors may suffer from complications like pain and discomfort at the site of injection. Donors administered growth factors prior to harvesting could sometimes undergo complications like bone pain and splenic rupture.

5. What is the cost of bone marrow transplantation?

The cost for bone marrow transplant may vary for each patient depending on the type of transplant.

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