Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for bone cancer?

You should consult an orthopedic surgeon, who may work along with a surgical oncologist and other specialists to treat your bone cancer.

2. Is bone cancer curable?

Bone cancer can be cured in early stages if it is completely treated. However, like other cancers, there is no fool proof method to state that every cancerous cell of the body has been removed. There is a possibility that the cancer can recur, therefore the patient should be observed regularly through clinical examinations and radiological tests for recurrence of the cancer.

3. What does the outcome of the cancer depend on?

The outcome of bone cancer depends on the size and type of the cancer, the age and weight of the patient at the time of diagnosis, the presence of predisposing genetic factors or fracture in the affected bone, and the local and distant spread of the cancer.

4. Is bone cancer hereditary?

Bone cancer itself is not hereditary. However, several hereditary conditions increase the risk for bone cancer. For example, families with Pagets disease may find that bone cancer is more common among them.


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