Abscess: Medical term for a common boil, a collection of pus beneath the skin.

Carbuncle: Painful localized bacterial infection. A circumscribed inflammation of the skin and deeper tissues that terminates in a slough and suppuration and is characterized by a painful node, at first covered by tight reddened skin which later becomes thin and perforates, discharging pus through several openings.

Furuncle: An acute circumscribed inflammation of the subcutaneous layers of the skin, gland or hair follicle.

Cyst: A closed sac or capsule, usually filled with fluid or semisolid material.

Antibiotic: A substance that inhibits the growth of or destroys bacteria or other microorganisms.

Pus: A thick whitish-yellow fluid which results from the accumulation of white blood cells (WBCs), liquified tissue and cellular debris. Pus is commonly a site of infection or foreign material in the body.

Gangrene: A necrosis, or death of tissue, usually due to deficient or absent blood supply.

Osteomyelitis: Inflammation of the bone due to infection, by the bacteria salmonella or staphylococcus.

Pleura: The thin covering that protects and cushions the lungs. The pleura is made up of two layers of tissue that are separated by a small amount of fluid.


mandysimpkins414 Sunday, May 4, 2014

We deal with vitiligo, psoriasis [neurodermatitis], eczema, plane warts, urticarial, acne (pimple), scabies, skin allergy, ichthyosis, prurigo nodularis, tinea of feet and hands, tinea of the scalp and tinea of the body. We also treat dermatitis, herpes, melisma and erythroderma and various other skin diseases. We employ fumigation-washing therapy, in which secret prescriptions are used to nourish the blood so that the skin flourishes. The prescription is individualized to treat both symptoms and root causes of the disease. The achievements are remarkable and the hospital has become a specialized one with unique features.s

mpho234 Friday, April 25, 2014

i hate boils couze they are too painfull

gbengasewanu Thursday, June 13, 2013

i need medications for boils..I normally notice when ever i barbe,i do have boils...

MRS.HARRIS Friday, November 25, 2011

I am 27 years old and I am always having boils that only farm around my stomach area. I been taking all kind of antrobic and they are not working. I need to find out what can I us to stop them. I had one last weekand tell me why I have another one. It make me feel bad because I'm the only one in the household that is getting them back to back. I been to the doctor serveral times and all the give me is antrobic to take for seven days. I nees to know what to do because this is really getting on my neverous.

anurag8662 Monday, September 19, 2011

acne and boil shai bat kahu to kamaal ka hota dil se aaah niklti h jb hota posible to treat early

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