Diet for Blood Group A

Author -  Divya Sanglikar | Article Reviewed by Dietitian julia samuel, M.Phil Dt. Ananya Bhattacharya on Oct 11, 2023
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Diet for Blood Group A

People with blood group A are prone to heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Diet for blood group A should essentially consist of fresh vegetables and fruits. You will be naturally lean if you follow healthy vegetarian diet. Consumption of non-vegetarian food will lead to sluggish metabolism and weight loss. Type A has low stomach acidity and slow digestion power. So, it is advisable that you go for vegetarian diet. Your diet must include variety of nuts and oil seeds and legumes/pulses in the diet. Fresh vegetables are the source of nutrients for type A people. Milk and dairy products may slow down your system.

Type A Called the agrarian, or cultivator. People who are type A should eat a diet rich in plants, and completely free of “toxic” red meat. This closely resembles a vegetarian diet.


If you are a blood group A person, do check out the diet tips below:

Include in daily diet:

Chicken / fish / yoghurt
  • Flax seed / olive / peanut / pumpkin
  • All beans and legumes
  • Wheat in moderation / rice / pasta / bread / oat / rye
  • Garlic / onion /broccoli / carrot / kale / pumpkin / spinach
  • Berries / plums / prunes / figs / pineapple / grapefruit / lemon
  • Tamrind / meso / soy sauce / ginger
  • Coffee in moderation
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    Avoid in daily diet:

    • beef / pork / some fish like – shrimps / oyster
    • Cheese
    • Corn / cotton / peanut / sesame / brazil nuts / cashew / pistachio
    • Kidney beans/ red beans
    • Whole wheat
    • Pepper / olive / sweet potato / yam
    • Melons / banana / cantaloupe / coconut
    • Ketchup / mayonnaise / pickle

    Health Tips for Blood Group A

    Diet for Blood Group A

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    My daughter having A positive and her husband having B positive.Is there any health issues for their children?


    it ws nyc reading this article but,i realised that some food that re considered bad 4 my blood group [type o]ends up being nutritious generally and if i stop eatin them,i might end up nt eatin anytin considerin my geographical location(nigeria).

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