Last Updated on Mar 19, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Doctor Should I Consult for BK Virus Infection?

Usually, BK virus symptoms may impact the urinary tract and kidney function. Please consult a kidney specialist (example - a nephrologist) who will help with both diagnosis and treatment. After an organ transplant, you will be under the care of a kidney specialist who will manage this condition.

2. When should I undergo a test for BK virus?

Test for BK virus is usually required only if you are receiving a transplant and will take immunosuppressive drugs, or if you develop suggestive symptoms and have a compromised immune system.

3. Can the chances of BK virus infection afterkidney transplantation be predicted?

Yes. The strongest predictor for BK virus infection after kidney transplantation is the one developed by The Cleveland Clinic. BKV peak viral loads in blood of an individual of more than 23,000 copies per milliliter can predict BKV kidney infection in the person, after the transplantation.

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