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Fibula: The outer bone of the ankle. The bottom bump of the fibula bone on the outer region of the ankle forms the lateral malleolus

Tibia: The inner bone of the ankle. The bottom bump of the tibia bone on the inner region of the ankle forms the medial malleolus

Talus: The bone of the foot that is present between the heel bone, tibia, and the fibula.

Syndesmosis: A joint that is connected with ligaments.

Bimalleolar fracture: When the bones of the tibia and the fibula break, it results in a bimalleolar fracture.

Reduction: During a fracture, bones are realigned to their normal position.


BimalleolarFracture Thursday, February 9, 2017

they said in the er i have a closed bimalleolar fracture but i can weight bear but its sore only after i elevate it and put its down its hurts but slowly goes away n im find i havent been taking the pain meds becasuse the pain is not servure is it possible they just did a rapid conclusion on it then told me to check up with mt primary doctoer its bben a week sense the er room? is its possible that i may just turn my ligements and tissue real bad ? when i dislocated it

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