Last Updated on Nov 01, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctors treat bile duct cancer?

A surgical gastroenterologist or a surgical oncologist may treat bile duct cancer.

2. Is bile duct cancer and liver cancer the same?

There are a number of types of liver cancer. Bile duct cancer is one type that arises specifically from the bile ducts.

3. Does a patient with bile stones always cause cancer?

No, if a person has bile stones, his risk for cancer increases but he does not always develop cancer.

4. Can a human being live without a common bile duct?

Humans cannot live without a bile duct as it is required to store bile which breaks up the food particles into small pieces during metabolism. Any block in the bile duct may result in a serious infection in the gall bladder.

5. Can alcohol cause bile duct cancer?

Intake of excess alcohol is the main cause of liver cirrhosis and patients with liver cirrhosis are more prone to Bile duct cancer.

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