Last Updated on Jun 27, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctors treat Best disease?

Best disease is treated by eye specialists like vitreoretinal disease specialists. A low vision specialist can help to treat the loss of vision. Genetic and occupational counselors also assist in managing the condition.

2. Is it possible that a person may suffer from Best disease and not know about it?

Best disease may not show any symptoms during the initial years. It may be detected only if an electro-oculogram is done. In fact, some people may have the disease in their genes but not suffer from any symptoms throughout their life.

3. Why is occupational counseling required in patients with Best disease?

Some occupations like flying aircrafts require a perfect vision. Since vision is likely to deteriorate in patients with Best disease, they need to be counseled to avoid such occupations and go in for options that do not require an accurate vision.

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