Helping Others Cope with Grief

Family and friends must rise to the occasion in these extremely testing times. Even small acts of assistance can make a world of difference for those whose world has crumbled.

Listening, patience, allowing space, caring and just being around can offer great comfort to the bereaved. Understandably, many are unable to find the right words to console the bereaved. Actions can speak louder than words at such times. Mere presence and being around can offer strength and moral support for those grieving the loss of their loved one.

Death of a loved one throws life out of gear. Routine work and chores may come to a standstill, and confusion may prevail. At such time family and friends can chip in unconditionally to help with chores, even provide food which will give the bereaved time and space to sort out the upheaval in their lives.

Being around when they need to talk, listening patiently, and comforting words will always be remembered as a great blessing during life’s most tumultuous times.

Bereavement counseling and support groups

Though the person’s loss is irreplaceable, yet counseling and sharing pain are ways to cope with the loss.

Though grieving is normal and takes time, some people continue to be depressed for longer periods. Even though it may take anywhere between one-two years for people to completely recover, positive signs are evident within the six months following bereavement.

If somebody is withdrawn, experiences suicidal thoughts, is unable to work through the grief, and is not in a position to carry out routine tasks, it is time to seek professional help.

Some bereaved have to brave it alone and do not have families to support them during the loss. Such people can fall back on the services of bereavement counselors who can be a great blessing. Psychologists and counselors help the aggrieved work through their feelings with strategies to cope. They hold their hand till such time the person is demonstrating sufficient strength to carry on with life.

Joining support groups and talking to others in a similar situation helps ease the pain and also opens avenues to cope with one’s own loss.

Hopeful Tomorrows

Healing happens in time and with patience. Life cannot stop after the death of a loved one, it has to go on. Death gives life a whole new perspective, making it all the more precious. To have loved and lost can make the journey of life very difficult, but letting go and accepting the loss helps people pick up the threads of their life. A phase will arrive when the bereaved fondly recall the memories of their loved ones without so much pain and anguish, replaced instead by love and hope.

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