Ways To Cope With Grief

Expression of grief is sacrosanct to acceptance of the loss, leading to sound emotional health.

Do not be too hard on yourself

In these extremely turbulent times, it is important to allow the experience of all the different emotions that well up in the mind. Hurt, sadness, pain and hopelessness are a natural part of grieving, and should not be blocked.

Acceptance of loss is a time consuming phase and will not happen in a day

Shock, denial, why me?, anger, guilt, tearful outbursts are some of the reactions as people come to terms with the death of their loved one. Depression and sadness in the initial days and months following the death is a form of grieving. One may not feel like performing the usual chores. It is important to give oneself ample time and space to sort out feelings in order to regain composure.

Talk your feelings with family and friends

Sharing the pain and talking about it can ease the burden to a great extent. Asking for help in whatever way from close family and friends will enable time to sort out the raging emotions during this period.

Seek professional help

Though it may take one or two years to completely recover from the death of a loved one, the intensity of grief begins to abate during the six months period following the death of the loved one. Yet for some, depression sets in and becomes worse with every passing day. The services of Psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors can be sought. Bereavement counseling can be a great blessing to help the bereaved come to terms with the loss.

Join a support group

Support groups are a means to get in touch with people in a similar situation. Communication with those in a similar circumstance helps share the pain and anguish while also opening channels for ways to cope. This can be a great route to healing and moving on with life.

Support groups are especially helpful for those who do not have family or friends to bank on to share their grief. One can also lean on support groups after family and friends have moved on with their own lives.

"He that conceals his grief finds no remedy for it" Turkish Quote

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