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Adequate protection from sun exposure especially in fair-skinned individuals could help to prevent basal cell cancer.

The following tips can help to prevent basal cell cancer or basal cell carcinoma from developing:

  • Since ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the main cause of skin cancers, excessive exposure to sun should be avoided especially around noon. When unavoidable, the skin should be protected with sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 or greater and other protection like wide-brim hats and protective clothing.
  • People especially white skinned individuals who are more susceptible to the cancer should be educated about the risk factors for developing skin cancers.
  • People over the age of 40 years should undergo regular skin examinations or be educated about self examination. They should be told what to look for and how to detect cancerous changes in a skin lesion.

These include a rapid increase in size,

  • Change in color and appearance
  • Itching
  • Bleeding of a skin lesion. Another basal cell cancer can also occur after treatment of the first; hence repeated skin examinations should be carried out even after treatment.


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ingrid37 Saturday, November 3, 2012

I was diagnosed with large basal cell ca tumor on ear last week. Recoomended partial resection of ear. Have noticed accellerated growth of nodule since taking methotrexate 15mg ea Friday for severe inflammation with RA. Should I proceed with surgery and what about continuing methotrexate....Rheumatologist says methotrexate is treatment for cancer, continue taking it. Thank you for your advice Ingrid Mullins

schmerr Monday, June 4, 2012

I have an ulcerated basal cell carcinoma near my eye. You mentioned the prognosis is worse if the bcc is near the eye. Why is this?

prema Thursday, July 21, 2011

very well written article covering all aspects of Rodent ulcer or basal cell cancer

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