Last Updated on Nov 28, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctors treat Back Strain or Sprain?

An orthopedics doctor treats back pain.

2. How to Treat a Back Strain?

The treatment options for back sprain/strain usually include bed rest, hot-cold treatment, painkiller medications, exercise and surgery in severe cases.

3. How Long Does a Back Sprain Take to Heal?

Healing time for back sprain depends on the severity of the injury or strain. If appropriate treatment is received, mild back sprains usually heal within two weeks. However, moderate back muscle strains may take up to six to eight weeks to heal.

4. What Complications Can Occur With Back Sprain or Strain?

Back sprain or strain can keep you from doing your routine activities smoothly. Restricted movement due to sprained or strained back can result in weight gain, loss of muscle strength and flexibility.

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