Last Updated on Oct 27, 2018


1. Which doctors treat Autoimmune Disorders?

Autoimmune disorders are treated by specialists depending on the type of disease. For example, a rheumatologist treats rheumatoid arthritis, an endocrinologist treats Addison’s disease.

2. Can a person affected with one Autoimmune Disease suffer from another?

Patients suffering from one autoimmune disease are often prone to suffering from others as well.

3. Can Autoimmune Disorders result in death?

Autoimmune disorders often result in disability especially if they are not treated early. Death could occur if a vital organ is severely affected.


DoctorK88 Sunday, October 6, 2019

MedIndia, please remove the Nazi medical eponym "Reiter's syndrome" from this page. The correct term reactive arthritis is already used. The former term is not recommended for use and hasn't been for years. Please revise this immediately. Thanks!

june100 Friday, January 17, 2014

i have wegners granulomitosis i am on cemo and steroids please could you tell me if cannabis could help me,my sister as m.s and the doctor gives her nabulone tablets wich is from the cannabis plant and it works wonders with her pain is eases the pain a lot,my illness is much more sever pain than my sisters some days i cannot walk at all could i get nabulone for my pain please help

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