Diagnosis of Asthma

Blood analysis may show increase in the number of eosinophils (Eosinophil is a specific type of white blood cell that increases in allergic reactions).

  • Sputum examination may show increased eosinophils.
  • The level of a certain antibodies can be elevated.
  • Chest X ray may show abnormality in the airway.
  • Arterial blood gas analysis shows decreased oxygen concentration in blood.

Pulmonary function tests (lung function tests) are helpful in judging severity of airway obstruction. To do this test a spirometer is used and the test is often called spirometery. A spirometer is an instrument that measures the maximum volume one can exhale after breathing in as much as one can. There are various values that are calculated and the interpretation of the test is done looking at a combination of values. Some of the common values looked at are as follows:

Forced Vital Capacity or FVC: This is the total volume of air one can exhale after breathing in as much as one can inhale.

Forced Expiratory Volume in One Second, or FEV1: This measures the volume of air one can exhale in the first second. In general, the more air you breath out during the first second of a full exhalation, the better.


GarrettHnatiuk Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Asthma symptoms are less severe and you will eventually learn how to live with them. A good asthma attack is when this gets out of hand, your own coughing violently, cant inhale and the last two individuals I saw come with an asthma attack were upon on the floor clutching in their throat and chest.

aishkarjay Thursday, June 26, 2014

My son is 16 months old he has allergic Asthama, I have to take him to Dr on regular basis, specially in last winter. He was nebulized on regular basis in winter.
I live in Ajmer.
Vijay Kumar

azzie Monday, October 29, 2012

I have heard that linseed oil paint in the home is something that will help in preventing asthma attacks as it contains no chemicals,does anyone know if this is true

redmike Friday, October 5, 2012

hi i have asthma it was thought to be copd i dont smoke i get emotional at times it has be playing up with chest infection i get stessed too im glad its not copd for that could be worse i died came back doctors fought to save me in laganvalley hospital in lisburn ty to them there work was great i feel better than i was a blessing

AlmazTaylor Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another consideration is the humidity level in the home, which can be measured using a hygrometer. A dry atmosphere has health concerns and it is a humidifier that is used to add moisture to the air in the home. A humidifier can be either for the whole house or a small humidifier ideal for a room.

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