Last Updated on Oct 19, 2016


Alveoli: Air sacs of the lungs. Alveoli are the smallest unit of the lung where gaseous exchange takes place.

Eustachian tube: A 3-4 cm long tube extending from middle ear to nasopharynx

Eosinophilia: Eosinophils are a type of white blood cells. Their number increases in the presence of a parasitic infection or an ongoing allergic reaction.

Barium meal: The ingestion of barium sulfate to outline the esophagus, stomach & small intestine during X-rays or fluoroscopic examination.

Sputum: Mucous expelled from the lung by coughing.

Intussusception: Slipping or telescoping of one part of intestine into another part just below it. Requires emergency surgical intervention.

Volvulus: Twisting of a part of intestine over another to cause obstruction.

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