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Aphasia - Diagnosis, Therapy and Support Groups


The doctor initially examines the patient to find out the cause of aphasia. A speech therapist may speak to the patient and may ask several questions that help diagnose the type of aphasia. A CT scan, MRI, PET scan or SPECT imaging may also be performed.

Speech and Other Therapies

Some people recover spontaneously after the underlying condition that causes the aphasia is treated. Other patients improve with speech therapy. Computer assisted therapy is often useful. Alternate means of communication such as sign language and drawing can also be tried out. The patient may feel depressed and needs a lot of support from his near and dear ones. He should be spoken to as if he is an adult and not a child. He should be given time to talk and respond. All background noises should be switched off while the patient is speaking.

Support Groups

Some support groups for patients with aphasia are mentioned below:

Aphasia Support Group

Aphasia Hope Foundation

Yahoo Groups - Aphasia


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