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Symptoms & Risk Factors for Anemia In Pregnancy

Anemia symptoms appear late. If the woman is otherwise healthy, she will rarely have any symptoms of anemia unless her hemoglobin is below 8 g/dl.

The first symptoms will be:

  • Tiredness
  • Paleness (especially of the fingernails, underside of eyelids, lips)
  • Breathlessness

Occasional symptoms:

  • Palpitations - the awareness of the heartbeat, breathlessness and dizziness can occur, though they are unusual.
  • Pica- Cravings for non-food substances like clay, chalk, ask, paper etc. or an abnormal appetite for foods such as cornstarch, tomatoes, lemons, and ice.
  • Forgetfulness
  • Inflamed, sore tongue
  • Jaundice (it is a rare condition)
  • If the anemia is severe (less than 6g/dl), it may cause chest pain or headaches

Certain factors put pregnant women at a higher risk of acquiring anemia in pregnancy and include:

  • Twin or multiple pregnancy
  • Poor nutrition (iron/multivitamin/protein deficiency)
  • Smoking (it reduces absorption of essential nutrients)
  • Excessive alcohol consumption (it leads to poor nutrition)
  • Use of anticonvulsant medications
  • Morning sickness severe enough to cause frequent vomiting
  • Spacing between two pregnancies is short
  • Heavy menstrual flow before pregnancy


ennairam_23 Monday, January 31, 2011

It is really important to take iron supplements when a woman is pregnant.

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