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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which doctor should I consult if I am diagnosed to have anemia during my pregnancy?

You should see your gynecologist or a general physician.

2) I have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. How long do I need to take medications?

Most patients with mild to moderate anemia respond to treatment within 2-3 months. But medications have to be continued for 6 months to prevent the reoccurrence of anemia.

3) What is restless leg syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is generally seen in patients with iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy or with kidney diseases. The patient experiences extreme discomfort in the legs while sitting or lying down and has an urge to get up and walk around. Symptoms can be relieved by iron supplementation.

4) My symptoms have not disappeared even though I have started taking the prescribed medicines. What should I do?

In order for symptoms to subside, the body must restore the loss in RBCs. It takes about 5-6 days for the body to produce new RBCs after supplementation. By 2-3 weeks the hemoglobin level increases. Only then the symptoms will subside.

5) I experience some of the above-mentioned symptoms. Does it mean I have anemia?

In pregnancy it is quite normal to experience a mild tiredness. But unusual tiredness and paleness is a sign of concern. It is always advisable to visit your gynecologist regularly and do the recommended tests to rule out anemia.

6) Should I start taking iron tablets before planning a pregnancy?

Iron tablets are sold over the counter but always visit your gynecologist for a pre-natal check-up and take the tablets only by prescription.


ennairam_23 Monday, January 31, 2011

It is really important to take iron supplements when a woman is pregnant.

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