Last Updated on Mar 16, 2016


Coronary artery: An artery supplying blood to the heart.

Epinephrine: Also known as adrenaline, epinephrine is a hormone. It is used as a medication for a number of conditions apart from anaphylaxis. Some such conditions are cardiac arrest and superficial bleeding. It is given intramuscular, intravenous (in dilution) and as inhaled medicine.

Immunoglobulin E: It is a kind of antibody found only in mammals, produced in defence to an allergen or parasitic infection. It is represented as IgE. It is used in the desensitization therapy for some types of allergies.

Intravenous injection: Injection directly into the vein.

Intramuscular injection: Injection into a muscle.

Subcutaneous injection: Injection just below the skin.

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