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Treatment and Prevention of Amnesia

Treatment of amnesia depends on its fundamental cause. However, all amnesiacs need to undergo cognitive rehabilitation to deal with memory impairment. Hospitalization is usually not required.

  • Alzheimer’s disease/ Dementia - related amnesia will benefit from appropriate medication and tender care
  • A person who has developed amnesia due to trauma is likely to benefit from sedation, psychotherapy, medications that include Amytal (sodium amobarbital) and, lots of affection.
  • Alcoholism / malnutrition - related amnesia can be addressed by abstinence in the case of former and proper nutrition in the event of the latter.
  • Concussion – related amnesia needs medication and rest
  • Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) can be managed by avoiding the triggering activity. Some doctors recommend the use of aspirin to increase blood flow. This is based on some claims that a reduced blood flow causes memory loss.
Aspirin Helps Treat Transient Global Amnesia

Prevention of amnesia is not possible in all the cases; however, amnesia caused by a brain injury can be minimized by wearing a helmet, using automobile seat belts, and avoiding drunken driving. In case of brain infections, strokes, brain aneurysms, or transient ischemic attacks the patient must be given immediate medical attention.(5)


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Samwilde Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the fall of 2009 I woke up in Cozumel with no memory of how I got there. I remembered planning the trip for our 30th wedding anniversary. However could not recall driving to the airport, the flight, layover, Etc... Needless to say My Wife was very concerned. After a while we assumed that the tequilla sunrise we may have been tainted [My Wife hardly touched hers]. Skip ahead to the summer of 2010. grand mal seizure upon awakening from a mid afternoon nap. Paramedics medevaced to Hospital. MRI, EEG, EKG, ETC... No abnormamities found. Since then. numerous nocturnal petit mal seizures. Doctors keep increasing dosage of Keppra. Early memories of childhood, adolescence, early adulthood appear to be intact. However, short term memory of people and places are vague to non-existent. I have been noticing a lot of chatter about bilirubin build up in brain. I want my memory back!

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