Health Tips

Special care has to be taken while handling food items so that contamination can be prevented.

Manufacturing Stage:

  • Crops must be grown safely under proper hygienic conditions.
  • Animal rearing has to be done in hygienic conditions and safe food has to be provided for the animals.

Processing Stage:

  • The crops must be harvested and processed under clean and safe environments whether at factories or at private storage houses.
  • Processing of meat should be done in clean environments.

Transportation Stage:

  • Fruits and vegetables can decay during the transportation process or rot away with time. Grains, pulses are prone to various unwanted pollutants in the environment. Therefore care has to be taken while transporting these goods.
  • Meat has to be transported under favorable temperatures so that they do not get contaminated with bacteria or viruses.
  • Perishable items like milk has to be transported on the same day to prevent unwanted bacterial growth.

Cooking Stage:

  • Cooking has to be done in vessels that are washed with hot and soapy water.
  • After cooking the vessels must be washed immediately to prevent bacterial or fungal growth.

Serving Stage:

  • The cooked items must be kept in clean utensils for serving and must be kept closed.
  • Raw salads must be kept closed to prevent contamination due to flies and other insects.
  • The plates must be washed with hot water before serving food.

Eating Stage:

  • Wash your hands with soap before eating.
  • Do not dip your fingers inside the glass of drinking water.
  • Use forks or ladles to pick up raw salads from the counter.

Other Tips:

  • Avoid using tap water to brush teeth or rinse mouth
  • Avoid eating any raw or rare meat and fish
  • Avoid food from street vendors
  • Keep away from raw salads served over counter-tops in restaurants
  • Do not eat meat or shellfish that is not cooked well when served


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